The Best 90s Cartoons: Top Animated Shows for Kids and Adults

Best 90s Cartoons

The 90s were great years for TV. Some of the best cartoons from this decade are among the funniest and strangest that you’ll find. Among the great 90s cartoons are also where you’ll start to find shows that appeal to both kids and adults alike. Maybe only 90s kids will truly understand how awesome it was … Read more

Vizio V51-H6 Sound Bar: My Personal Surround Sound Review

Vizio V51-H6 Soundbar

Most TVs today feature speakers that leave you leaning in the direction of the screen or simply maxing out the volume to hear everything going on. One way to solve this problem is with a good sound bar. But what if you don’t want to shell out close to a thousand dollars for a top-of-the-line surround sound system? Well, thankfully, there are options. I picked up a Vizio V51-H6 sound bar, and I’d like to offer my personal surround sound review.

The Vizio V51-H6 is an excellent surround sound option for most cord cutter households. While it lacks some of the features and overall depth of sound of the most expensive soundbars on the market, it does an incredible job at delivering clear, high-quality sound at an affordable price.

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Do I Need a Roku if I Have a Smart TV?

Roku Device with a Smart TV

Many cord cutters who are new to the whole process of figuring out what equipment they’ll need are left wondering what their Smart TV actually does. Your Smart TV serves many different functions, depending on which make and model you have. But at the very least, it will connect to the internet and allow you to access some content. And, if that’s the case, you might be wondering, “Do I need a Roku if I have a Smart TV?”

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Cord Shaving vs Cord Cutting: Which One is Right for You?

Razor with brush

One of the best things coming out of the cord cutting revolution is the idea that we have total control over what we allow into our homes and how we interact with our entertainment and our information. For some, cord cutting is the answer. For others, a newer idea, cord shaving, is presenting an easier road to follow. One that leads away from the control cable companies have over the content that finds its way into our TVs and other devices. So, let’s take a look at cord shaving vs cord cutting to see which one is right for you.

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What’s the Difference Between a Smart TV and a Regular LED TV?

Smart home device with phone

In the strictest sense, most modern TVs are what we would have called smart TVs several years ago. The ability to connect to the internet was the primary distinction between smart TVs and regular LED or non-smart TVs. If you could go online with your TV, it was pretty smart! Since so much progress has been made with TV sets, what’s the difference between a smart TV and a regular LED TV now?

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