Best Action Movies for Families

Best Action Movies for Families:

Movie night can be a difficult situation for some families when you’re trying to find a selection that everyone will have a great time watching. Our family loves action movies, especially if they tick all the right boxes for us all. But, it takes work to find the best action movies for families. That’s why […]

Best 90s Cartoons

How to Watch the Best 90s Cartoons for Kids and Adults

The 90s were great years for TV. Some of the best 90s cartoons are among the funniest and strangest that you’ll find. Among the great 90s cartoons are also where you’ll start to find shows that appeal to both kids and adults alike. Maybe only 90s kids will truly understand how awesome it was to grow […]

Family movie night snacks

Family Movie Night Snacks: Healthy, Decadent, Homemade

When family movie night rolls around, finding the best movie night snacks becomes the most important task known to man. It’s a quest for some families that rivals the hunt for the holy grail. How do you please everyone with all of their different likes, dislikes, taste buds, and even allergies? Finding the best family […]

What should I watch

What Should I Watch Tonight: 7 Tips to Find a Good Movie

Is Netflix decision fatigue a real thing? If the internet has anything to say about it, then the answer is yes. Finding a movie or a TV show to watch night after night when that’s one of your main sources of entertainment can get more and more difficult over time. But, the question “What should […]

Virtual walking tours

Best YouTube Virtual Walking Tours in 2021

Visiting and walking through the most interesting, exciting cities in the world has been difficult for us all lately. But, some helpful YouTube channels have been offering stunning walking tours that allow viewers to walk vicariously through the cameras of locals. If you’d like to experience some virtual travel, for whatever reason, finding the best […]

Best rainy day movies

Best Movies for a Rainy Day – Family Films for Wet Weather

When it’s raining outside and your options for family entertainment become distinctly indoor activities, sometimes a great movie, or even a movie marathon, can be just the right thing. Finding the best movies for a rainy day can be difficult, especially because the entire family is trying to agree. Having a few good selections ready […]

Family dinnertime with a computer

Best Family Shows on Amazon Prime

Wherever we are in this pandemic, you might be on the lookout for that one show that’ll carry you over until things return to “normal.” Or maybe you’re just looking for something new to look forward to during family TV time. Most of the shows in this list are light, mostly funny, and can definitely […]

Best online workout programs

Best Online Workout Programs for 2021

    With the introduction of streaming services and, of course, the pandemic, people are looking for ways to exercise from the comfort of their living rooms. There hasn’t been a more appropriate time than now to find videos online that can guide you through yoga meditations, energetic HIIT routines, and grueling barre programs. We’ve scoured […]

Breaking bad worth watching

Is Breaking Bad Worth Watching?

Next up in the “Worth Watching” series is that gritty, drug-laden, violent romp Breaking Bad. It’s been around since 2008, and there are five full seasons to binge if you should choose to take on the task. But should you? Are you the type of person who might enjoy this series? And, more importantly, is […]