Best TV Headphones for Seniors and Hard of Hearing in 2021

Headphones on a couch

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve started to feel the frustration of fighting to understand dialog on TV while keeping the volume at a sane level. Even when the volume seems fine and reasonable, sometimes words drop out and it gets more difficult to follow a story or pick up all of the information being thrown at me. Headphones have been the answer for many of us in this situation. But, what should you take into account when choosing the best TV headphones for seniors and the hard of hearing in 2021?

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Do Soundbars Work With Any TV: Avoid these Soundbar Issues

Samsung H/K Soundbar

Great sound is important to a cord cutter’s home entertainment setup, whether you’re streaming movies, TV shows, or your favorite music. As modern TVs get slimmer, speakers tend to get weaker and less satisfying to listen to. So, most people who want better sound are forced to find a solution outside of their TV. More often than not, that involves a soundbar. But with so many different products and manufacturers today, we’re sometimes left asking, “Do soundbars work with any TV?”

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