Travel Games for Adults

Best Travel Board Games for Adults: Kids or No Kids

Whether you take short road trips, long journeys, or just host dinner parties, there’s nothing like a classic game to bring people together. Instead of parking it in front of a movie, get the party chatting and laughing with a great, classic board game. Even a portable version of your favorite game can be fun at […]

Virtual walking tours

Best YouTube Virtual Walking Tours in 2021

Visiting and walking through the most interesting, exciting cities in the world has been difficult for us all lately. But, some helpful YouTube channels have been offering stunning walking tours that allow viewers to walk vicariously through the cameras of locals. If you’d like to experience some virtual travel, for whatever reason, finding the best […]

Laptop on a plane

Best Streaming Services for Traveling: Taking TV on the Road

Hopefully, travel is going to be roaring back very soon and will stay that way for quite a long time to come. And, while it’s important to get away from our devices and plug into the culture and community we’re exploring, there are times when we, as travelers, want to take our movies, TV shows, […]