What’s the Difference Between WiFi and a Router?

Router with network cable

Sometimes networking terms can get quite confusing, but knowing the difference between things like WiFi and a router doesn’t need to be all that complicated. As a cord cutter, it’s a great idea to arm yourself with as much technical knowledge as possible. Knowing as much as you can about equipment and lingo can make buying and installing equipment much easier.

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Best Place to Put Your WiFi Router in a 1 or 2 Story House

Home router with tree

Dead spots in your house can be incredibly frustrating whether you’re trying to work from home, stream your favorite movie on Netflix, or discover a new artist on Spotify. Old routers can play a big role in your frustration, so start by looking at the age of your equipment. But, even new routers can provide spotty coverage if they’re hidden away. So, if you’re looking for the best place to put your WiFi router in a two-story house or even a single-story home, here are some tips.

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